Category: Beauty & grooming

Treat yourself! In Malaga there is a beauty salon or barber around every corner.


DK Peluqueria

The big sign outside of a tattooed man with beard sets the tone. Inside, the signs look retro, the aprons have leathery details and the shelves are filled with beard oils. That’s because DK Peluqeria is more than another hairdresser. Apart from the classic haircuts and dyeing, you can also get your beard professionally trimmed....


Coco Beauty

Small as Coco Beauty might seem, it is fully equipped to give you a beauty make-over. They are specialized in manicures, such as gel nails, acrylic nails and swarovski decorations, but apart from that this colourful salon also does pedicures and spa treatments. Perfect for a relaxing massage or face treatment (we know you have deserved it!)....


Sweety Nails

Málaga has a bit of China in its streets with the nail salon Sweety Nails. Run by a team of efficient youngsters, every inch of this tiny salón seems to be taken over by beauty products, nail polish and Chinese decorations. Great for a quick fix-up for your nails if time’s not on your side. Calle Mártires, 12,...