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On a sunny weekend afternoon, there is no better place to see how malagueños enjoy themselves than the charming ex-fishing village of Pedregalejo. The seafront is jam packed with restaurants and bars, and attracts all types of people, from families with children enjoying a meal out to groups of young people gossiping over a beer....


La Peregrina Centro

“I want to mingle with the locals.” “I’d like a lunch for less than 10 euros.” “I want to eat some typically local food.” Look no further – La Peregrina fits your needs. This restaurant has three branches, one of them located in the centre of Málaga right off Plaza de la Merced. Bar stools...


Atarazanas Market

It’s 1868. Street vendors sell their food outdoors, in unhygienic conditions, causing both noise and air pollution. The government decides to take action and turns to the old military hospital, an building that is in ruins. The remaining walls are demolished, and an all-new building is constructed at the exact same location. Atarazanas market is born. When...