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Heladería Cremade

For those craving something sweet after a walk by the sea in Pedregalejo, Heladería Cremade will have you covered. Boasting more than 25 different ice cream flavours to choose from as well as sundaes, iced juices and other desserts, Cremade has been in business since 1970, with the shop now on its third generation of...



On a sunny weekend afternoon, there is no better place to see how malagueños enjoy themselves than the charming ex-fishing village of Pedregalejo. The seafront is jam packed with restaurants and bars, and attracts all types of people, from families with children enjoying a meal out to groups of young people gossiping over a beer....


Useful Spanish: ice cream

an ice cream: un helado a sorbet: un sorbete a cone: un cucurucho a cup: una tarina a little spoon: una cucharilla Can I taste this one please?: Puedo probar éste, por favor? More please: Un poco más, por favor I need a napkin: Quiero una servilleta a flavour: un sabor strawberry: fresa raspberry: frambuesa...

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Tips and tricks

Go straight to Calle Granada, famous by ice cream lovers all over Málaga. With an ice cream shop every few metres, it’s hard to get to the end of this street without holding a cone in your hand.


The hidden one: Chocolate

At the bottom end of Calle Larios lays this hidden gem. Ideal for a quick cool-me-off while shopping, because we all know how tiring that is. Choosing might be difficult, so feel free to ask to taste some flavours before making up your mind. Calle Martínez, 22, 29005 Málaga cone, one flavour: 2€ – 2.5€ –...


The famous one: Casa Mira

Casa Mira is big, and for a good reason! On a hot day, this place is packed with enthusiastic shoppers looking for a sweet cool-me-down. Choose your flavour, get your ice cream, and go and sit on one of the benches outside for a superb view of people strolling by. Calle Marqués de Larios, 5,...


The exciting one: Cónico

Feeling adventurous? This place is famous for their alternative flavours, such as Frozen (as in the Disney film) or a choice between Whatsapp and Facebook. What’s more, you can cover your chosen creation in a wide range of toppings and sauces – for free! Calle Granada, 8, 29015 Málaga Muelle Uno, 29016 Málaga Cone or...


The yoghurt one: Smöoy

Smoy? Smoo-ey? Smoh-ey? We’re not so sure… Open till 01:30, so great for a midnight stop. The international frozen yoghurt brand has quickly taken over the world with their yoghurt ice cream. Personalize it by choosing your own toppings, such as cookies, dulce de leche or mango. Tip for the Belgian chocolate lovers: the chocolate...


The fancy one: Amorino

For a fancy ice cream! Slightly more expensive,  but the fruit flavours are so fresh it feels like licking frozen fruit. And the chocolate and cookies ice cream is packed with goodness. Choose as many flavours as you like, and watch how the Amorino expert shape your icecream cone into an Instagram worthly flower. Amorino Calle...